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Dallas Divas

Suzanne, me, and Angie

Suzanne, me, and Angie

I spent almost five whole days with some of the most talented and amazing CZTs in Dallas this week!  Suzanne McNeill (author and artist extrordinaire), Angie Vangalis (calligrapher, graphic artist, CZT Marketing Diva), Marney Makridakis

4' x 3' Floor Cloth We Tangled

4′ x 3′ Floor Cloth We Tangled

(author and ArtellaLand inventor) and a group of the most fabulous, ZENTABULOUS CZTs in the world!  We gathered for a Business Promotion program for Certified Zentangle Teachers to help us better understand the world of promoting our Zentangle businesses.  We discussed so much my head hurts!  Getting started, marketing tools, getting ready for class, classroom environment, running a class, email marketing, social media and more.  Added to that were different projects we had to complete.  It was so much fun sharing and learning from everyone else.  There was also a bonus workshop where we learned lettering with various pens, colors, and markers.  It has provided me with a whole new level to add to my Zentangles.

I’ll be posting some of the things I learned in the near future.  Right now, I’m still recuperating from staying up past 1:00 a.m. and driving to and from Dallas (six hours each way)!  Until then…

Happy Tangling, Bonnie

Domino Effect…


Oh my…I’m in love with Dominoes!  So I just have to offer a workshop for tangling them and making necklaces out of them.  Just think…if we tangled all the dominoes we could find, we could put them in a row and hit one, and they’d all fall down.  Or we could build a Domino House, or brick a sidewalk with them…I’m thinking there are lots of possibilities with tangled dominoes!  Here’s a sample of what we’ll be taking away from the class.  Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas!!

Happy Tangling…