If you stop and listen your inner voice has some powerful things to tell you. In the busy hustle of daily life though, we often neglect the part of us that whispers at the back of our minds. We have to keep everything going, filling our days with chores and things that ‘must’ be done. BUT what if we stopped and tuned in to the things that our heart truly desires?

Whitney Freya has developed an intuitive four month program to help you get in touch with the things that really matter in your life. Vision Quest will take you on a journey into yourself, seeking out the truths that will make you happy and allowing your life to change in many positive ways.

You want to live with your head in the stars and your feet rooted in the earth. I can make that happen. Seeking out truth through the language of art you’ll learn how to free your unconscious mind with color and form. With guided practice, each month will show you another dimension to your person – personal coaching will bring out the YOU you’ve been wanting to be all these years.

Visit here to find out more about this powerful and life-changing program. Sign up now to unleash your inner potential.


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