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What WAS I thinking???


Okay, so by now some of you have been looking at my “Workshops and Demos” and thinking…what WAS she thinking??  I was so excited because I’ve been working on a “Zen and Zin” workshop (Zentangle and Zinfandel – with a little Red wine thrown in for color) and I set it up for 10 AM in the morning!  You must all think I’m out of my mind.  Who in the world drinks wine at 10 AM??  Well, I sure don’t!!  Maybe a mimosa for Sunday brunch, but not wine!  I must admit, I really don’t know what happened there…too much on my mind, I guess.  Or else my mind is full of “tangles”!

Thus, I have revamped my Workshops tab and you can now see it for what it really is.  An “i HEART you” workshop.  Christmas is over, New Year’s is this weekend, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  So in this workshop we’ll be making a beautiful Zentangle heart that you can frame, or make into a card, for that special someone in your life.  Stick around for the second workshop and we’ll be working on a special project.  You’ll have to attend to find out what it is.

So, there we have it.  Hope you will forgive my “tangled” state of mind as we continue down the Zentangle road together!  Happy Tangling from the Land of Oz!

As the New Year Approaches…


Another year is going to soon pass and we will be moving in 2012!  Life is an amazing journey that changes minute-by-minute, providing twisty turns that sometimes take you to places you never dreamed of!  If you had told me a year ago that I would be blogging (such as it is) and learning more about websites and the technology that is out there, I would have thought, oh boy, are they ever wrong!  I do enjoy learning but the technology piece is challenging.  I so admire my children and their friends…they have a special knack for it, as if it were placed into their DNA.  So, when I have challenges, I usually turn to my techie friends to help.  Although, it’s always better to teach someone to fish…so, I’m doing my best to learn from them and do the fishing myself.

In viewing and reading through other blogs, I realize how important it is to you (my readers), and to me (so I can learn more) to include neat things for you…so, my New Year’s resolution is to include content that is informative, creative, and FUN!  Without a little fun in our lives it would be too dull.  And Zentangle provides just that.  Creativity and fun.

With that in mind, here is a link to a neat “Tangle Catcher” pattern from Jane Monk Studio.  The Tangle Catcher was conceived by Jane while at Zentangle Training in Massachusetts USA … it s based on the same catcher that we used as school children,  but this time with Zentangle patterns on it.

From all of us in the Land of Oz…we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Zentangle Demonstration


Our Zentangle demonstration went very well yesterday at Consign and Design Interiors in Andover, KS.   Thanks to all of you who attended!  Denise’s store (consignment for your home) is absolutely wonderful!  She has a beautifully, tastefully decorated store with loads of wonderful home decor items including furniture, framed pieces, decorative items, glassware, mirrors, lamps, and anything else you may be looking for.  And if she doesn’t have it, check back with her in a day or two because the store items are constantly changing!

The workshops we have scheduled for January are quickly filling up, so if you are interested, please call Denise at 316.558.8833 to reserve your spot.  Gift certificates are available!  Purchase a kit and/or gift certificate for your favorite friend or family member and have them join you for the January workshop.

What better way to decompress after the holidays than by relaxing with people you love and learning how to make a Zentangle!

Sakura of America Partners with Zentangle® to Create Exclusive, Licensed Drawing Sets


Sakura of America Partners with Zentangle® to Create Exclusive, Licensed Drawing Sets.

Such an exciting event!!  Sakura micron pens are a wonderful tool to use when creating your Zentangles.  Little did I know when I first started making Zentangles how much I would fall in love with these pens.  They come in all sizes and colors.  Get Your Tangle On!!