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City Arts Zentangle


A wonderfully intimate group arrived at City Arts to learn Zentangle on Saturday.  Several friends and another student arrived and we were able to just sit around the table and talk/do Zentangle.  One of the students is such a Zealous Zentangler!  She had pages and pages full of Zentangles she had created into the wee hours of the morning.  When do you ever have time to sleep, Robin??  Her work was absolutely Zentabulous (there’s my favorite word again!) and we heard some great stories about her daughter tangling the walls of her bedroom!  Each one created a wonderful tile as you can see from the pictures shown.

Happy Tangling, Everyone!

Library Zentangle


What an absolutely awesome group of Tanglers!!  We had 24 who came out to the Library Zentangle Workshop.  As you can see from the final product, everyone did a Zentabulous job!  That’s my newest, favorite word – Zentabulous!  Zentangle is so much fun!  You never know what you are going to end up with when you start, but it always comes out looking like you’ve been an artist your whole life!  Everyone has their own style and talent…where you go with it is up to you.  As the teacher, it just pleases me so to see the different age groups, different styles, different take on the tangles.   And when we put it all together it’s just such a treat to see what everyone has done.  Everyone was at the table taking pictures…it is just such a neat, coming-together art form.  If you’ve taken a workshop, show it to your friends…teach them the “magic pattern”, Cadent!  They will be amazed.

And speaking of showing it to your friends…

I went to my mailbox the other day and what a surprise!  Enclosed in an envelope were copies of Zentangles that one of my students had done with her entire family – dad, mom, children, and herself.  She made a family get-together project out of it after having taken my class and blessed me with the finished results.  I just got so tickled!!  So share with those you love; you might be surprised and find that you have a budding Tangler in the family.

Here’s the picture…Happy Tangling!

Finished Zentangle

Vintera Gallery Workshop


Heart Tangle

Amazing!  The Vintera Workshop was wonderful…a double header!  We had a Zentangle 101 Workshop for 2 hours in the morning where we learned a number of tangles and then went to work on making our Sweetheart a Heart!  Now, my cat’s name is Sweet Heart, so my hearts are for her!  But a mystery sweetheart might be found, too!

A great lunch break with box lunches from Planet Sub provided us with much needed fuel to begin the second workshop, in which we worked on black tiles with the white jelly roll pens, along with our special project, a paperweight!  More tangles to learn and then everyone went to work, utilizing the tangles they liked the best and deciding which project they thought they’d like to try their hand at.

Pictures are attached so you can see some of the fine work that was completed.  We bounced around the idea of a weekend retreat-type program, which would probably be lots of fun!  Keep checking for additional workshops that will be coming up soon…

Still not very good at placing pictures in the blog…I’ll figure it out one of these days!


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