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Okay, So I’m A Day Late and A Dollar Short…


It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a gazillion irons in the fire.  I work full time, have a couple of side-line businesses that I run, and try to go food shopping and do laundry once in a while!!  Good thing my boys are grown and on their own.  I hardly have time to clean the house, no less think about cooking a meal for anyone.  So I am always amazed when I see other people’s blogs and the work they do…how they do it, I just don’t know!

In any event, a few things that have taken place in-between all this time included a workshop for a group of Girl Scout Leaders and a home show.  Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure

…and if someone could kindly teach me how to get these pictures in correctly, I’d owe you my life!

Happy Tangling!!

Front of Frame from Framing Workshop

Final Friday Display at Pea Pod Consignment Gallery

Friends at Pea Pod!

Home Show

Back of Frame from Framing Workshop

Home Show Mosiac



We recently had a workshop to learn how to frame our Zentangles – On The Cheap!  Using ready-made frames bought at Michaels, I taught how easily you can frame a picture and make it look quite professional.  Here are a few pictures from our class…

Starting out…

Part of the process…

The backing…

Finished Product!

All enjoyed the workshop and were so proud of what they learned!  Diana is now a framing freak!  She went to Michaels and bought a bunch of frames and went home to frame many of her Zentangles!  What great gifts they’ll make.

Happy Tangling…Bon