Monthly Archives: March 2013

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!


OH MY!  It’s been so very long since I’ve had a chance to post anything here.  Let me just say, I have been in the process of moving and if any of you are even thinking about it, you’d better start packing now!  During the past two months I found a new place to live, started packing, went through a closing, and finally, finally! the furniture and boxes are all moved in.  It’s quite an exciting time for me but has exhausted me in more ways than one.  The sheer energy that goes into preparing for everything is enough to drain you.  What an eye opener!  I don’t know about you, but as I started packing I realized how many things I have doubles and triples and quadruples of!  Especially in the art department.  Pens, paints, pencils, books, papers, canvas, glue, tape, brushes, embellishments.  I am a saver of knick-knacks, and paddy-whacks, and give a dog a bone!  Opps,  make that a cat.  Sweetheart (aka: PIA, pain in the ass) also has doubles of everything!  Scratching posts, fuzzy balls, crinkly balls, feather boas, water bowls, litter pans!  And what does she prefer??  My furniture for clawing.  So, the new furniture I now have is covered in plastic, like the old days!  But Wait…there’s more!  Now I have extra space to store all this stuff in.  I actually have a room where I can store all my supplies, set up my craft table and maybe get some work done.  In the apartment I used to have to work at my tiny kitchen table, set up, do what I could, and then put everything back so I could find a place to put my dinner plate down.  Now I can set up and walk away and come back at my leisure.  It is a good thing.

In the meantime, I’ve held several workshops in Newton, KS, at the Carriage Factory Gallery.  Cindy Snider, Director, has been so pleasant and helpful.  We had a beginner workshop in January with 18 students, and then another beginner workshop with 17 students.  After that we held an advanced workshop with about 10 students.  More workshops will be forthcoming once I straighten up here and get some of those art supplies unpacked.  Beginner workshops will still be offered at Andover on the last Saturday of the month, along with our Talk & Tangle sessions.  You can find out about them under the “Workshops/Demos” tab.

So, until then, here’s to all those lions, and tigers, and bears out there – Happy Tangling, Bonnie