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Interested in hosting a home workshop?  Invite 6 guests who pre-pay through the Eventbrite link, and you receive your workshop for free.  Invite 8 guests and also receive a Zentangle® kit as your gift!

SCHEDULED WORKSHOPS (descriptions below – click link to register)

  • TANGLE & TALK – No Charge:  Once you have taken the introductory workshop from a CZT, you are invited to participate in our monthly TANGLE & TALK sessions which are held 10 AM to NOON every last Saturday.  REGISTER HERE.  Bring your supplies, sit down and tangle, visit and make new friends. We have a great time learning from each other and sharing ideas and tangles!  The “Wichita Tanglers” are growing…come join us!!  YOU MUST REGISTER – You must register for these sessions (it helps us to know how many will be attending so we have appropriate seating). 
  • FINAL FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016, VISIT WICHITA, 515 S Main, Wichita, KS.  Starting at 6:00 pm.  Please join us as we exhibit Zentangle Inspired Art for your enjoyment and for sale.  Light refreshments will be available.


For classes held at Emerald City Tangles Studio, the following applies:
*Kindly advise us 48 hours in advance if you cannot attend any class
*NO REFUNDS are provided; your payment will be applied to another class of the same type
*If no advance notice is provided, you forfeit your payment
*If you have trouble accessing stairs or are allergic to cats, please contact me for alternate venue info


  • Tessera Fine Art Gallery, 412 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS – 316.262.2435
  • Carriage Factory Gallery, 128 E. 6th Street, Newton, KS – 316.284.2749


Beginner's Mosaic

Beginner’s Mosaic

INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF ZENTANGLE® – Beginner Workshop (Mini Zentangle kit provided) 

In this 2-hour Zentangle Workshop, students learn the basic principles and guidelines for the Zentangle art form.

Develop your unique talent in this expressive, visual art form where “Anything is possible, One Stroke at a Time. ™”

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Brief history of Zentangle origins, as well as the terminology used in this art form.
  • You will create beautiful images from repetitive patterns (no “artistic” talent or background required).
  • 4-6 Zentangle patterns will be taught, emphasizing deliberate strokes that relax, helping you to learn how to slow down in our busy world.
  • You will soon discover that what you thought to be complex and not possible can be broken down into steps that can easily be mastered.

You will complete a finished project and have the ability to produce additional projects on your own.

BEYOND THE BASICS:  STRING THEORY & EMBELLISHMENTS – Bring your mini-kit with you – other materials supplied

So, you’ve taken a beginning Zentangle class and now you’re wondering…What’s Next??

In this 2+ hour class we’ll talk about the theory behind the string and you’ll learn techniques to create a string without fear or hesitation.  You’ll also learn about embellishments which can help provide your tangles with a “pop” and deeper richness.  Students will begin to understand the many characteristics of Zentangle and how they can be incorporated into art and life.

Experience the benefits of a relaxed focus while creating beautiful art at the same time.

What we’ll cover:

  • Review of Zentangle origins and terminology.
  • Many benefits of creating Zentangles.
  • String theory and techniques.
  • New Zentangle patterns will be introduced along with Tanglenhancers (embellishments to hel”pop” your work).
  • You will begin to appreciate and admire completed projects (your own and others).

SHADES OF GRAY – Bring your mini kit with you – other materials supplied

Hesitant to shade your Zentangle artwork??  Shading is the icing on the Zentangle cake.**  It brings your creation to life by adding depth and dimension to your work.  This class will provide you with a variety of shading techniques that will bring a deeper richness to your work and your Zentangle experience!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Continued understanding of the benefits of creating Zentangles
  • Exploration of new shading techniques
  • The difference between shading and shadow
  • Types of tools to use
**Thanks to Donna Hornsby, CZT

DOUBLE-HEADER, The Best of Both Worlds (Bring your mini kit with you – other materials supplied)

This workshop includes both classes, String Theory & Embellishments along with Shades of Gray!  Don’t miss out on these two classes that will help take your Zentangle skills to the next level.  Workshop description as noted above.

Included with this workshop is Pencil Magic (retail value $12.99)

BLACK AND WHITE ZENDALA GIFT BOX – Bring your mini kit with you – other materials provided

Zendala Box

Zendala Box

Learn to create wonderful tiny trinket boxes using Zendala tiles.

We’ll utilize pre-strung Zendala tiles for this project.  Pencil and black Micron 01 pens will be used for the white Zendalas, while white pencils and pens will be used on the black Zendalas.  Makes for great gifts when you need something quick and easy.

NOTE: Please bring your Beginner Zentangle kit with you (pencil, black Micron 01 pen).  All other materials will be provided.

FRAMING ON THE CHEAP  – materials provided

Front of Frame from framing workshop

Front of Frame from framing workshop

You’ll learn the secret to using a ready-made frame and mat to frame your completed Zentangle (or adjust for any other picture).  Learn how to back it and make it look professional for a fraction of the cost of a custom-made frame.  You do not need to have taken a Beginner Zentangle Workshop for this class.  Anyone who has a 3.5″ x 3.5″ picture to frame can attend and learn.

Part of the process...

Part of the process…

 ZENTANGLE PAPERWEIGHT – materials provided



Create a beautiful paperweight with a Zentangle you will complete in the workshop.  A wonderful gift to offer to a loved one or just to have for yourself!  This workshop is limited to a class of 9.  Sign up now so you don’t miss out!

 VIVA ART & VINO (Paint and Wine Classes)

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

Viva Art & Vino - June 17, 2015 - Three Pea Consigment

Viva Art & Vino – June 17, 2015 – Three Pea Consignment, Wichita, KS


Torn Face Collage

Torn Face Collage

They say, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!”

This workshop is a delightfully informative, creatively transformational workshop to help you find out what you want to be, do and have!

Join us as we pour through magazines for images and words to create a visual representation of all the things you want to be, do, and have in your life.  A powerful tool to remind you every day of your deepest desires.

In this workshop you will:

  • Create your own personal dream/vision board to take home with you
  • Be given specific methods with a deliberate, intentional approach on how to create your dream/vision board
  • Learn what a dream/vision board is and why it’s a powerful tool to help you clarify your dreams and desires
  • Discover the types of dream/vision boards you can make

Which One Will You Make?

  • “I Know Exactly What I Want” Dream/Vision Board
  • “I’m Unsure But Open” Dream/Vision Board
  • “Theme” Dream/Vision Board
  • “Journal” Dream/Vision Board

All you need to bring is yourself, SCISSORS, and a willingness to learn.

All other materials are supplied, including light refreshments.

You are welcome to bring pictures, magazines, or other materials that you may want to use during this time if you’d like.

Let’s have fun and DREAM!!

This workshop is part of the VIVA ART & LIFE series.

VISION QUEST follow link and click Events

Vision Quest


Tangled Ink

Tangled Ink

Tangled art papers can be used in large format as framed abstract art, in smaller pieces in book construction or even smaller pieces for cards, collage, or ATCs.  Have some fun with color!

Watercolor Tangles

Watercolor Tangles

TANGLE PRINT IMPRESSIONS – materials provided

Tangle Print Impressions

Tangle Print Impressions

Try your hand at carving and printing a tangle relief print.  Transform a simple monotangle into a work of art!  You will learn to transfer, carve and print to complete an original print edition.  


Once you learn this technique, you can print: cards, stationery, journal papers, wrapping paper, fabric, and more.

All materials will be included in this class.  

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  1. I decided to go to the 2/11 workshop at the library. I called and they said registration doesn’t start until Jan. 25. Thought I’d let you know that I’m planning on that one, at least!

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  4. Dear Bonnie,

    We are looking forward to class this coming Sat. the 22nd at 10:00.

    Send me your address when you get a chance. Thanks! Brandi Thorne.

    PS if weather is super bad, we may have to reschedule.

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