Flower Power

Flower Power

VIVA ART & LIFE — Explore, Empower, Change and Connect!

Explore Creativity, Empower Yourself Through It, Change Your Life, Connect With Others!

No Artistic Experience Necessary!

Life is full of layers and is an ongoing journey.    Sometimes we forget that it takes one step at a time, one day at a time.  We are so accustomed to instant gratification that we fail to see the process and the amazement that comes with each creative stroke that adds to our life.

Creativity is a way to exercise and build the right side of your brain (where creativity resides).   Your left brain is already full of to-do lists, commitments, and depleting yourself for everyone BUT YOU!  Nurture your way back to creativity by participating in the VIVA ART & LIFE SERIES.

The VIVA ART & LIFE SERIES consists of ongoing workshops that will boost your right brain creativity factor.  We’ll introduce tools to help you cultivate and explore your creative life and build that right brain muscle!  Your right brain needs pumping up!  Flex those artistic muscles!

Your right brain is where you’ll find your Artist Within; where your untapped potential has been sitting and waiting, where your dreams and hopes have been left dormant, screaming to get out!

We’ll come together to support, encourage, learn, help, and share with each other in order to flourish in our creativity.  When your mind has time to be creative, you find you can come up with solutions to everyday problems you face, you become rejuvenated and you find more joy in your life!

Take the journey of a lifetime and walk the creative road with others who want to create, empower and connect!   Walk for an hour, a day, a weekend, or a lifetime.  You get to decide which way your journey’s path will wind. 



Painting Workshops:
Viva Art & Vino (BYOB)
Layer Painting Made Easy
Mandala Painting
Animal/Flower Symbols Painting
Abstract Designs

Other Workshops:
Dream/Vision Boards
Clarity Sessions



Become a member of the VIVA ART & LIFE LEAGUE and receive exclusive discounts on various products and services.

Memberships:  Annual – $25/year or Lifetime/$125


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