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Your Guess is as Good as Mine!


As of today, June 15, no one has been able to guess the tangle name from the photo I posted.  At least I haven’t seen the answer from anyone up until this point.  If you know the answer, please post it on my Facebook page, EmeraldCityTangles, or email me directly at

Here it is again, just in case you missed it…

VC Hallway

I’m not sure if no has guessed it because it’s an official Zentangle tangle (so it’s not listed on Linda’s site, TanglePatterns) or if it’s because not enough people have seen the post.  Either way, I’m brazen enough to give you a hint or two…(psst…one has already been given).  Sue Clark, CZT, from Loveland, CO, used this tangle back in 2011 when Laura Harms, Diva Weekly Challenge, gave the challenge to use a monotangle.

I’m closing this contest out as of next Saturday, June 22.  If no one guesses by then, the Lokta envelope will be used in another contest.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up yet for the Zentangle a la Carte being held at the Carriage Factory Art Gallery in Newton, KS, on June 22 and July 6, click the link and register.  Spaces are still available.

Happy Tangling from the Land of OZ!

To Work or Not To Work…addendum


Do you know the tangle that my last post’s picture represents??  I’ll be editing this post as guesses come in.  There’s a green Lokta Zentangle envelope for the first person who gets it right.

Virginia said, “Web”.  That’s not it…keep trying everyone.

Here are some other guesses – hekzee, paradox, flutter pie, afterglow…no correct one yet

Bon 🙂

To Work or Not To Work…that is the question!


I learned Friday that my job position has been eliminated!  Interesting how things happen in your life.  I keep wishing I could retire.  But I didn’t plan on it happening like this.  So here I am trying to figure out how I can do what I love (teach and share) and stay afloat.   Others have done it, so why can’t I?

Unfortunately,  it always seems that obstacles are in the way.  You’ve heard them…Not quite old enough (but, really, how old is old?); not enough money in the bank (but, really, do we EVER have enough money in the bank?); what about health insurance (but, really, isn’t that what Aflac is for?); what would the neighbors say (but, REALLY, whose life is it anyway?).

My brain says I need to have a J.O.B., my heart tells me otherwise.  It kind of reminds me of a certain tangle I know and love…here’s a picture of it that I snapped recently while at my place (soon to be NOT) of employment.  The first person** who can tell me what tangle this picture looks like will receive a beautiful, green Lokta Zentangle envelope.  I’m down to 9 of these…they are quite rare you know 🙂

VC HallwayIt’s telling me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that I just need to follow the arrow path (kind of like the Yellow Brick Road).  Most likely I’ll end up with another job for the security of insurance and a constant paycheck.  However, you never know..I might be just enough of an adventurer to head towards the light.

…On the Journey to Happy Tangling!

(**There is a caveat – if you have won before, please give someone else a chance, thanks!)

Zentangle a la Carte


I’m cooking up something to tantalize your tangling tastebuds!  I’ll be holding a Zentangle a la Carte in Newton, KS, at the Carriage Factory Art Gallery, on June 22 and July 6.  You pick and choose from 5 different courses!

cooking pot

Here’s the List:

  1. Zentangle 101
  2. Zentangle Too – Beyond the Basics
  3. Framing on the Cheap!
  4. Zentangle Paperweight
  5. Tangled Ink & Watercolor

Choose 2 workshops and receive free, as our gift to you, a 3-piece Zentangle Pen Set or 12 pre-strung Zendala tiles, or 20 blank white Zentangle tiles!

Go to the “Workshops and Demos” tab to learn more.  If you did not receive my most recent newsletter and would like to be on the list, please email me.

Happy Tangling from the Land of OZ!