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Travelin’ Woman…


Celebrity Cruise 2015 Panama Canal 039 I’ve been traveling for the last month…well, not quite, but the time I took to pack and unpack, along with the three weeks I spent visiting a friend in Florida and out of the country on my most recent cruise certainly made for a month of time!

I am fortunate enough to still have my mother (who is my best friend) and each year she, a friend of ours, and I do our best to take a cruise.  This year’s cruise was through the Panama Canal.  It was absolutely wonderful to be away from all the hub-bub and relax.  We spent several days at sea and I have to tell you that the pool was one of my absolutely favorite things to do!!  The casino, entertainment, and food was superb as well… and I won enough at the casino to pay my entire bill!!

Up until this cruise I have never gone into the pool – too self-conscious about being in a bathing suit.  Well this time, and at this stage in my life, I said, “You know what, I am going to take my bathing suit and enjoy the pool!”  I am SO glad I did!!  They pump in sea water to the pools and it’s unbelievably fantastic!!  I could bob up and down and float, and not even move my arms!!  And in the covered spa area there was a hydrotherapy pool.  The bubbles and rollers just melted away all the tensions from the world.

One of our favorite shopping stops was in Guatemala.  They have a nice little shopping area just off the pier where the ship docks and we got there in time to see a fashion show of native costumes modeled by the locals.

I still have pictures I need to download off my iPad, but a couple from my phone are below for your enjoyment. Polly and Crackers were enjoyable to watch – beautiful plumage!

B 🙂

Polly and Cracker


Foliage in Cartagena