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Celebrity Cruise 2015 Panama Canal 039 I’ve been traveling for the last month…well, not quite, but the time I took to pack and unpack, along with the three weeks I spent visiting a friend in Florida and out of the country on my most recent cruise certainly made for a month of time!

I am fortunate enough to still have my mother (who is my best friend) and each year she, a friend of ours, and I do our best to take a cruise.  This year’s cruise was through the Panama Canal.  It was absolutely wonderful to be away from all the hub-bub and relax.  We spent several days at sea and I have to tell you that the pool was one of my absolutely favorite things to do!!  The casino, entertainment, and food was superb as well… and I won enough at the casino to pay my entire bill!!

Up until this cruise I have never gone into the pool – too self-conscious about being in a bathing suit.  Well this time, and at this stage in my life, I said, “You know what, I am going to take my bathing suit and enjoy the pool!”  I am SO glad I did!!  They pump in sea water to the pools and it’s unbelievably fantastic!!  I could bob up and down and float, and not even move my arms!!  And in the covered spa area there was a hydrotherapy pool.  The bubbles and rollers just melted away all the tensions from the world.

One of our favorite shopping stops was in Guatemala.  They have a nice little shopping area just off the pier where the ship docks and we got there in time to see a fashion show of native costumes modeled by the locals.

I still have pictures I need to download off my iPad, but a couple from my phone are below for your enjoyment. Polly and Crackers were enjoyable to watch – beautiful plumage!

B 🙂

Polly and Cracker


Foliage in Cartagena


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  1. Enjoyed this post. So glad you were able to enjoy this with your Mom, you are truly blessed to still have her here. Good for you taking you bathing suit and jumping in, so to speak. Your photos are beautiful.

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