Finally!  I had an evening where I could tangle!  I made two new Zentangles and my stash is beginning to grow!  I have 6 new Zentangles that need to be framed and taken down to the gallery.  In doing two this evening, I’m realizing that my work is beginning to evolve.  I am grateful for that, because I see so many beautiful pieces on the internet.  I enjoy looking at the work of others and seeing the different styles.  It’s just so much fun!

About emeraldcitytangles

Here I am, in the Emerald City, and I'm tangling away! I came across Zentangles one day while surfing the web and I was hooked! As a Certified Zentangle Teacher (at this moment the only one in Kansas), I offer a variety of classes so you, too, can experience the Zen! Group workshops, private workshops, or team building workshops are available. Please email me at EmeraldCityTangles@yahoo.com or feel free to call me at 316.253.8899. I will travel (some additional expenses may apply). HAPPY TANGLING!

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