CZT Zentangle Retreat


What do you call a woman who is bleary-eyed, hyped, all tangled up and screaming “Zentangle is coming!   Zentangle is coming!”  You call her addicted!  You call her totally tied to tangling, you call her Bonnie, Tangling in the Land of Oz!!  Our CZT Zentangle Retreat has been going since Friday morning at 8:00 am, usually ending at about 11:00 pm each evening.  At this point most of us are bleary-eyed and hyped!  Angie Vangalis (CZT #3) has been our training mentor and the entire program she set up for us has been absolutely marvelous.  She is an energetic, fun, informative lady who was certified as a CZT in the 3rd Certification class, and who has been involved in graphics and marketing for many, many years.  During our time here we’ve learned a ton about marketing, and have done a whole bunch of different projects to share with Zentangle enthusiasts in our areas.

We have a great group in attendance (about 20) which allows us to really get to know each other!  It’s been such a Zentabulous experience to get to share with these ladies, hear about what they are doing with Zentangle in their areas (Texas, New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, Illinois, and KANSAS – THAT’S ME), and see what kinds of projects and work they are doing and teaching.

Tomorrow, our last day, we get to spend with Suzanne McNeil, one of the Zengtangle Divas!  You can learn all about Suzanne and her wonderful books and knowledge at

For now, here’s a picture of the Zendala I made last evening.  Suzanne taught us this and it was really lots of fun!  I had to laugh because mine ended up looking like a marijuana leave (but with 6 leaves), so I called it Lucky Marijuana (Lucky Mary) for short – LOL!!!


Tangling in the Land of Oz…Happy Tangling!

Bonnie 🙂

About emeraldcitytangles

Here I am, in the Emerald City, and I'm tangling away! I came across Zentangles one day while surfing the web and I was hooked! As a Certified Zentangle Teacher (at this moment the only one in Kansas), I offer a variety of classes so you, too, can experience the Zen! Group workshops, private workshops, or team building workshops are available. Please email me at or feel free to call me at 316.253.8899. I will travel (some additional expenses may apply). HAPPY TANGLING!

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