Newton Zentangle Workshop


Our Newton Zentangle Workshop was Zentabulous!!  Click the link below to watch a video!

Talk Fusion Studio UTC.

About emeraldcitytangles

Here I am, in the Emerald City, and I'm tangling away! I came across Zentangles one day while surfing the web and I was hooked! As a Certified Zentangle Teacher (at this moment the only one in Kansas), I offer a variety of classes so you, too, can experience the Zen! Group workshops, private workshops, or team building workshops are available. Please email me at or feel free to call me at 316.253.8899. I will travel (some additional expenses may apply). HAPPY TANGLING!

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    • Andrea Bocelli…don’t remember which album off the top of my head. We had a great turnout! In fact, Liz McGuinness (who was in one of your classes) was there with her daughter. She said you were a wonderful teacher! Why don’t you try and come to our Talk & Tangle class one of these days? I hold them on the last Saturday of each month in Andover. Sometimes it’s small, sometimes more…sort of like a “Stitch & Bitch” but for tanglers who have taken a class from a CZT (or CZTs ourselves!) 🙂

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