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New Pictures


Here are a few new pictures from some of my recent workshops.  The flowers are from a former student, Stuart, who attended one of our Tangle-and-Talk sessions.  These are from his garden.  Very beautiful and could be drawn and tangled as a ZIA piece.

Hope everyone is having a “Tangling” summer!  B.



Hi one and all…

It’s been quite a 2014 already!  I was away on a cruise for a couple of weeks in January, returning home the last day plagued by a sore throat and congestion.  After checking with the doctor it was determined I did not have strep throat, but just a virus which would keep it’s hold on me for another two weeks before basically allowing me to return to normal.  Today is Day 17 of that illness and I still have a residual cough, some congestion and up to a couple of days ago a sore throat.  I haven’t been sick in over 15 YEARS, so it was a real shocker to me!!  In any event, that hasn’t slowed me down any – LOL.  I have taught several classes and also picked up a part-time job during that time frame.  Needless to say, the day I started my job the boss was kind enough to tell me to go home and not come in the next day…I guess he could see how crummy I felt and he didn’t need me infecting his other employees.

So now that I’m kind of back in the saddle.  I have a few classes coming up in case you are interested or know of someone who might be.  You can click the “Workshops and Demos” tab or you can go directly to these links to sign up for a Beginner Workshop on March 8 in the morning or on March 29 in the afternoon.  Both are being held on Saturday.  The other workshop is the Tangled Ink & Watercolor class, which I’m holding on Thursday, February 27.  These classes will be held at my home studio.

Here are a couple of pictures from my cruise…don’t you just feel those warm, balmy breezes on your face???  The one in the middle is from a curtain panel that I thought might make for good tangling.  I’m anxious for Spring to come forth and bring it’s fresh green color to the world.

Happy Tangling…B.

Cruise 2014Cruise 2014IMG_1074

Dallas Divas

Suzanne, me, and Angie

Suzanne, me, and Angie

I spent almost five whole days with some of the most talented and amazing CZTs in Dallas this week!  Suzanne McNeill (author and artist extrordinaire), Angie Vangalis (calligrapher, graphic artist, CZT Marketing Diva), Marney Makridakis

4' x 3' Floor Cloth We Tangled

4′ x 3′ Floor Cloth We Tangled

(author and ArtellaLand inventor) and a group of the most fabulous, ZENTABULOUS CZTs in the world!  We gathered for a Business Promotion program for Certified Zentangle Teachers to help us better understand the world of promoting our Zentangle businesses.  We discussed so much my head hurts!  Getting started, marketing tools, getting ready for class, classroom environment, running a class, email marketing, social media and more.  Added to that were different projects we had to complete.  It was so much fun sharing and learning from everyone else.  There was also a bonus workshop where we learned lettering with various pens, colors, and markers.  It has provided me with a whole new level to add to my Zentangles.

I’ll be posting some of the things I learned in the near future.  Right now, I’m still recuperating from staying up past 1:00 a.m. and driving to and from Dallas (six hours each way)!  Until then…

Happy Tangling, Bonnie

Workshops Posted



You asked for it, you got it!  The Tangled Ink and Watercolor Workshop will be offered again in September, along with my advanced workshop – Zentangle Too!

Beginner workshops are offered every last Saturday of each month unless noted.

Register by clicking the link.

Come on out to enjoy the fun and learn some new tangles and techniques!

Happy Tangling!  Bonnie

Tangled Ink - still needs tangling!

Tangled Ink – still needs tangling!